CDL Courses and Fees

How does a flexible truck driver training program sound?

Your choice: Individual Driving Lessons or Complete CDL Training Programs

There are A LOT of trucking schools across America and most of them operate the same way: students are required to begin training at 6 a.m. on a Monday, and they’re asked to stay until a specified time. Nice prison. CDL College takes a different approach, one that accommodates your lifestyle and schedule. Read on.

Your private, qualified, professional trainer will guide you all the way to your CDL Skills Test.

Take as many private driving lessons as you need. When you're ready, take the CDL Skills Test.

No need to have your CDL permit before getting started. Try a no-obligation lesson. If you like being behind the wheel of a big rig, you can meet with a CDL College rep to discuss your training schedule.

Proceed at your own pace. Your private instructor will assist you with mastering the Pre-Trip Inspection, Backing Maneuvers, and driving techniques needed to pass your CDL Skills Test.

Call Aaron for more information: 303-356-2625

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$1500 $2165 $3165

Number of 2 Hour Lessons

1 6 9 16

Set Your Own Schedule

Yes Yes Yes Yes

One-on-One Training

Yes Yes Yes Yes

CDL Test Included

No Yes Yes Yes

Training Certificate

No Yes Yes Yes

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How Do I get a CDL?

1) Pass a DOT Physical. Call Debra Eggleston for DOT Physicals in Denver.

2) Study for your CDL Permit. Study here for FREE and take your written test at Motor Vehicles.

3) Attend CDL College

4) Pass your CDL Skills Test at CDL College

5) Sign up with Gary's Job Board for a better driving job.

How much training do I need?

At CDL College, the type and amount of training depends on:

Work: What do you want to do with your license?

You: Do you have any experience? Do you mind being on the road for weeks at a time?

Recommendations based on your answers:

If you want to stay local and drive a small city semi or a utility truck (definitely not an 18 wheeler), and have a little experience backing trailers but could use some practice

Individual training is a great option. Pay for the number of lessons you require, then take the CDL Skills Test when you're ready. The number of lessons depends on your proficiency.

Our Price: $250 per individual training (just you and an instructor in our City tractor-trailer), plus the cost of the CDL test ($375). Call us at 303-227-7841 to schedule an appointment.

You want to stay local AND drive the big trucks, learn how to shift a 10 speed, and turn a 53' trailer and parallel park a 70' vehicle.

You want to work in the oil fields, or drive an end dump around town, but don't want to go long haul. Take our Local Driving Course, it's open enrollment, meaning you don't have to be here every day. We will teach you to drive the big truck and test you. When you pass, we give you a Training Certificate. The course includes classroom, computer lab, simulator and behind-the-wheel time. Finding the right job is as easy as visiting our job board. Gary's Job Board has over 1,400 jobs and continues to grow. This course does not fulfill the requirements of long haul companies.

9 training lessons Come down and check us out anytime.

You're not interested in the local stuff; you want to keep your options open, see the country, and make some good money.

You may even want to buy a big truck and start your own business. If you're going long haul, our Class A Over-the-Road course is a great way into the industry. We will get you pre-approved for a job, if need be. We work with several carriers, but aren't under contract with any of them so we will give you our honest opinion and let you choose. Or, you can find a job through for free. We created the website for our students. No contract, no future bills just take the course and start your new career. CDL College is the only open enrollment truck driving school in the United States, as far as we know. Keep your day job, take care of your kids, do what you need to do. Make your own training schedule at CDL College.

This course takes 16 lessons. Set your own training schedule. The course includes online classroom and behind-the-wheel time. Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate.

16 lessons training. Come down and check us out anytime, no need to call.