CDL Testing

(Don't Cram for this Exam)

You do not need to be a student of CDL College for us to test you.

Many trucking companies send their trainees to us for testing. CDL College is approved by the state of Colorado to administer CDL Skills Tests. CDL College has two Colorado locations; Commerce City, CO and Grand Junction, CO. The Skills Test consists of a Pre-Trip Inspection, 3 Backing Maneuvers, and a Road Test. We are the largest 3rd party tester in Colorado. No other entity in the State tests more vehicles than CDL College. That’s just gutsy.

We want you to be successful and pass the first time. You don't need training if you know what you're doing. But, you do need to study. Driving the truck and testing are two different things. We've made it really easy for you to study with our FREE CDL SKills Test Pre-Trip Inspection Course. Atleast, download the Pre-Trip Inspection Guide if you don't have time for the lessons. Get the 2016 Pre-Trip Inspection Guide

Want to practice on your own? We laid out the CDL Test Dimensions for you here.

CDL Test Costs

  • CDL Test: $225
  • Vehicle Rental for CDL Test: $150
  • CDL Retest, if Needed: $150

Note: The truck rental fee is included with the retest fee. You do not need to pay for the truck rental twice if you paid to rent the truck for your first test.

State of Colorado 2016 CDL Testing Rules

We must adhere to the following testing rules from the State of Colorado when administering the CDL Skills Test. These rules apply to all testing facilities in Colorado. Colorado is very picky.

  • You need to bring your Driver License, CDL Permit and Medical Card. You must have all 3 when you in order to test.
  • Your CDL Permit does not replace your Driver License, no matter what they tell you at DMV.
  • If DMV punches a hole in your Driver License, your license is VOID.
  • NEW! You must hold your permit for 14 days before a CDL Skills Test can be scheduled.
  • We must schedule 3 days in advance. This includes retests and reschedules.
  • The State gives us a 15 minute window to start the test. That includes filling out all of your paperwork and collecting your vehicle information. Make every effort to arrive for your test 15 minutes before your appointment.

Those are the rules. If we don't follow them, they'll suspend us. We will make every accommodation to assist you in your CDL Skills Testing needs. Some thing's are out of our control.

CDL College is approved by the state to administer the CDL Skills Tests. CDL College not an extension of the Colorado Department of Revenue. We are a private business that charges a fee for our services.