Obtain Your CDL

Commercial Driver License

Complete These 4 Steps to Obtain Your CDL

D.O.T. Physical | CDL Permit | Truck Driver Training | CDL Skills Test

  1. Pass a D.O.T. Physical. Your doctor, many clinics, and most truck stops conduct physicals. Shop around. We like Debra Eggleston for DOT Physicals in Denver.
  2. Study for your CDL Permit (free courses), or use the CDL Manual. Take a written test at the nearest DMV location (Colorado). Pass your test and you will be issued a CDL Permit. Do not allow the DMV to punch a hole in your driver license! Your CDL Permit does not replace your driver license.
  3. Attend CDL College for your driver training. Pick the course you need and our staff will train and test you to obtain your Commercial Driver License.
  4. Pass your CDL Skills Test at CDL College (7505 Dahlia St. Commerce City, CO 80022) then take your certificate to the DMV. They will issue you a Commercial Driver License. Find a job!

CDL College operates Gary's Job Board, an online trucker employment site which can assist you with finding a great first job. Gary does not recruit for any trucking companies—100% unaffiliated. Use Gary to find a job, whether you attend CDL College or not.

What Kind of Vehicle Would You Like to Drive?

Class A Vehicle:

Separate tractor and trailer units. Up to 70' total vehicle length. Simply put: big truck, big trailer. Class A vehicles are used for local, regional, and over-the-road deliveries.

Class B Vehicle:

Examples include Straight Dump Trucks, Straight Tankers, Cement Trucks, and Buses. These vehicles are typically used for local deliveries. Big truck, no trailer.

Class C Vehicle:

Delivery Van, Shuttle Bus, vehicles carrying Hazardous Materials. Typically local.

Local: driving that is within the borders of a particular state.

Regional: driving that is generally confined to states adjacent to the driver's home state. Regional drivers are usually away from home for short periods of time.

OTR (long-haul): driving that covers thousands of miles. Drivers are away from home for a week or more.

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