TDTS -Lead Generation

Trainee's in your Inbox

CDL College is an internet-savvy truck driving school. We receive leads from the entire country as a result. Leads from people who want to become professional CDL drivers. As little as a few years ago, we were unable to assist a person outside of Colorado with their plans of becoming a professional CDL driver. That didn't sit right with us. Then we figured out how to use those outside leads to benefit our Truck Driver Training System customers. Now, thanks to our customers, we're able to refer any non-Colorado CDL seeker to them. The drivers find a reputable training company, the training school receives new drivers, and we get to pat ourselves on the back for helping a guy in Florida. He just wants to attend Truck Driving School and go to work. Everybody wins.

A funny thing happened after we started spreading the leads around the country: we got more leads! People started talking. "Go to CDL College for information about CDL Training". The Free Lead Program is for customers of our Truck Driver Training System. We not looking to replace your local marketing efforts. We're looking for a respectable home for people interested in obtaining their CDL.

Our Truck Driver Training System includes the following solutions

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