Ask OTR Truckers: What Do You Take Along to Make Life Better?

Ask OTR Truckers: What do you take with you on the road to make life better?

Let's face it, even if the money is good the "OTR life" can be a lonely one. We head to Reddit's r/trucking to uncover the secrets to living the best life possible while doing a long haul. What (who) do you bring along and how do you make the most of your time? Here are some of the most popular replies:

1. Girlfriend, dogs, television, snacks, INTERNET!!!
1a. What do you do for an internet setup?
1b. Yeah, looks like I can buy a plan for $1,000 or rent one from someone who already has one for $150 a month. Either way, to have fast unlimited internet on the road would probably be worth it.

2. We have a PS4, XBox One, Vitas, 3DS, and a laptop for when we get stuck or when one of us is bored and the other is driving. As far as food we generally try to get to Walmart or park close enough to walk to one reasonably close so we don't have to carry a bunch of stuff back. My ugliness and height/size/face scare people according to my wife so that works a little for the self defense. We have a knife by the bunk just in case and I generally have a pocket knife on me all the time.

3. I have one wooden folding tv table that rides behind my seat. I pull it out to eat on and when I am cooking. I have a folding bike that rides tucked up behind the tractor wrapped in a moving blanket. I also have a body blade and that has been good for exercise. I mainly use my tablet for entertainment. Left my laptop home last time. I tried to use my hand weight as a chuck and that was the end of that.

4. Internet, laptop, stock up on groceries from a grocery store and not from a truck stop, a microwave, a sistema (microwave ready bowl), big heavy comfy blankets....

5. Fly swatter, back scratcher, ear plugs...the foam kind that expand and make you temporally deaf so you can sleep!

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