Ask Truckers: What are Some Positive Things that Passenger Cars do that Make You Smile?

For some giggles but also a few good ideas, we head to r/Trucking for the latest trucker poll:"What are some positive things that passenger cars do that make you smile?" The road can be an unforgiving place; therefore, when someone does something positive, you are more likely to remember it. We suggest "passing it on" -- there is no such thing as too much good karma. Anyway, here are some of the top responses (hint: some are sarcastic!):

1. I love having four-wheelers play defense for me when I'm trying to change lanes and the [cars] just keep passing.

Dude, this lane ends in half a mile, I need over for the construction zone. We're all gonna do 55 anyway, chill.

Then there's always that one dude who slows up a bit and flashes me over. :D

2. When a car actually merges onto a highway at or slightly above highway speed, not causing everyone else to show down because of them. It's called an acceleration lane for a reason.

3. Flashing to let me know I can change lanes. It isn't necessary most of the time, but it's nice. Also, getting the hell out of the passing lane when I'm coming up fast on them. That's actually super helpful.

4. Just driving safely. I really like when people merge onto the highway properly. Turn signal and get up to speed. Another big thing is if I have to change lanes to help them get in, don't just sit next to my tires and keep me in the hammer lane.

5. That one car that finally lets me over after I've had my blinker on for five minutes. That guy is awesome!

6. I love it when they use their signals before taking an exit ramp and don't hit the brakes until they're completely in the exit lane.

7. Really appreciate cars that get up to speed on the on-ramp before trying to merge in front of me.

8. It makes me happy when that one [guy] that cut me off doing 90 in a 60 gets a ticket. Aaaaah...karma.

9. I drive locally for a septic company and I know where most of the low bridges or really tight turns are in my area. Sometimes I see a rig that's obviously lost going down a street that he does not want to go down so I've beeped or flashed and told the guy where he needs to go to get out of the area and back on his route. Also I spend a lot of time pumping out holding tanks on construction sites and I always see wide loads delivering machines or front loaders or whatever that need to back out into traffic so I'll go and stop the traffic for him.

10. Use their turn signals properly. Makes me smile.

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