Ask Truckers: Why Do You Favor OTR Over Local?

Last week, we did a short piece on why truckers prefer local driving to OTR. Of course, there are two sides to every story- here is the flip side! Read below to learn why some experienced truckers prefer OTR work to local driving. Have a comment to add? Drop us a line.

1. I'm in a rural area where local jobs are scarce, and [don't pay well] anyway. When I worked "local" (read: drive 14/11 rules on mileage pay) yeah, I was home every night. That consisted of driving 30 miles home after working 14 hours. In the door, straight to bed, sleep six hours, rinse/repeat. Now I go out Monday morning, back early Saturday morning. It's still mileage pay, but at least it's 3500 miles on a dedicated lane. I'm making over twice as much as I was making at my "local" gig. Local is great for the urban crowd on hourly. For the rest of us, get out on the road.

2. Because [companies] are offering 15 or 18 bucks an HR and they want me loading and unloading groceries, beer etc. I'm making $1,000 to $1,200 right now and all I do is ride the cruise control and listen to Katy Perry. Yes there are companies that pay better but I've applied to them all (Sysco, ABF, Yellow , XPO, UPS, FedEX) and I haven't heard diddly squat from them. I don't mind hard work but the money has to be there!

3. Because it's a way of life. I was recently home for 2 weeks over the holidays and it made me consider regional or maybe local but since I'm back in the seat I love it. It's not for everyone. Neighbor says he'd quit if he had to go OTR.

There you have it! A few of the top responses in a conversation on Reddit's r/Trucking subsection.