Tracy Morgan Crash: Wal-Mart Driver Fatigue, Unused Seat Belts Were Factors

Wal-Mart Driver So Fatigued

A Wal-Mart Stores Inc. driver hit a limo van carrying comic Tracy Morgan last year because he was so fatigued he didn’t notice traffic had slowed ahead of him, U.S. investigators found Aug. 11. The National Transportation Safety Board concluded that Wal-Mart could have done a better job of educating its drivers about the need for sleep. The driver had been awake for 28 hours and worked almost 14 hours at the time of the accident, the investigation found.

Better Highway Markings

There also needs to be better markings at highway work zones for drivers, and injuries among passengers in the van were more severe because none of the occupants wore a seat belt, NTSB said in its probable cause findings released at a meeting in Washington.

No One Wore a Seat Belt

“None of the passengers in Morgan’s van wore a seat belt, according to NTSB. The van’s driver also wasn’t belted in. That increased the severity of the injuries, investigators concluded.”

Despite the many years of their existence and the plentiful information that they save lives and reduce serious injuries significantly- some people still refuse to wear seatbelts. Everyone has the right to choose whether to wear one or not, but with that choice comes the circumstances. People do not have to die in many crashes, but their choice not to wear a seatbelt causes that result. I have had people confront me in defensive driving classes about this. “It’s my choice whether I wear one or not”. I always answered with “True. But who are you choosing for?” If you have a family at home and you are not wearing a seatbelt, have a crash, get ejected and killed- then you have chosen for your wife and kids to have no husband or a father.

Think about it- Buckle up for your own safety and the well being of your family and friends who love you and want you around!