Australian Freight Transport Industry One of World's Biggest

Australia... you might first think of Vegemite sandwiches, kangaroos, and meat pies, but not necessarily trucking! The 'Land Down Under,' however, has higher freight levels and road length per capita than any other country. A land mass of 2.97 million square miles houses a relatively small population of 23.13 million people.

The approximate truck fleet travels a total of 12,505 million kilometers (7770 miles) annually and transports 1,549 million tons of freight per year. Furthermore, freight tasks are forecast to double by the year 2020.

The freight transport industry employs far more than any other industry in the country; there are over 70,000 truck drivers, administrators, mechanics, and others involved in the industry. Trucks generate only 21% of Australia's green house gas emissions, a number that continues to decline.

Safe and efficient delivery is also key; truck drivers cannot legally drive more than 12 hours in a single day and must rest every 4 hours. To this point, trucking companies must employ at least two registered and licensed truck drivers - when one sleeps, the other drives.

Many Australian trucks are fitted with "roo bars," a metal bar or framework of metal bars on the front of a vehicle to protect it during collisions with kangaroos or cattle. Some passenger vehicles in the 'outback' are even outfitted with the armor!