Dock to Driver: Promote from Within

Your next new-hire driver may be working on your dock as you read this. Creating and training your own drivers is the most efficient way to fill empty truck seats. Here’s why:

  • Current employees already understand, and adhere to, company policies and procedures.
  • Current employees also possess a higher degree of loyalty to a company that willingly promotes them.
  • New hires could introduce bad habits to your organization.

The CDL College DOCK-TO-DRIVER Course is an efficient, fast-track class consisting of 5 training days: 3 days at the College, followed by on-the-job company training, and then 2 days at the College. Their first 3 days will be occupied by instruction in vehicle inspections, backing, and shifting.

Students will then be turned over to your company trainers for OJT in company procedures, and to gain practical experience. Their final 2 days at the College will be spent focusing on safety critera and preparing them for the Colorado State CDL Skills Test.

CDL College performs more CDL tests than any other entity in Colorado and will administer the CDL Skills Test to your drivers. Upon graduation, you will have a well-trained, entry-level driver available to fill one of your empty seats.

5-Day Course: $1865 per driver, includes the test fee.

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