Safety Fairs

CDL College is ready to assist your company with defensive driving, pre-trip inspection, backing, and skid control skills.

4 times a year, CDL College instructors assist the Colorado Department of Transportation with the training of their Transportation Maintenance employees. CDOT employees operate equipment in a variety of weather and road conditions. These training efforts improve safety, reduce personal injury, and preserve CDOT’s multi-million dollar equipment fleet.

Defensive Driving: Students attend an extended classroom presentation covering defensive driving basics with real-world examples.

Inspections: Crucial vehicle parts and systems are covered in the Pre-Trip Refresher class, which includes an air brake test and light check.

Backing Skills: Students drive a vehicle through a short course with cone boundaries, demonstrating pulling forward and backing skills knowledge.

Skid Control: Skid control and awareness is emphasized through the use of a skid car and professional instructor. The course is a short figure eight in which understeer and oversteer are emphasized. Students are taught how to recognize and react to dangerous situations, and how to avoid panicking.

Contact CDL College if you’d like us to bring our Safety Fair to your company. 303-227-7841.