Train the Trainer: Instructional Aces

Most professions have their share of experts, and trucking is no different. However, being an expert does not necessarily mean that a person has the ability to teach what they know to other people. Teaching is an art. Some experts take it personally when a student can’t seem to learn as fast as the teacher thinks they should, and that is a clear sign that emotion is creeping into the learning process. Learning how to drive a big truck can be stressful and an emotional attitude from the instructor never helps. Properly trained instructors know how to control their emotions. Keeping the learning process logical means the student learns faster, and develops confidence earlier. Logic = efficient. There are logical approaches for every aspect of CDL training: pre-trip inspections, backing maneuvers, and driving and shifting.

Use one of our instructors as a guinea pig for one or more of your trainers. We’ll evaluate their teaching method and offer tried and true methods to improve, if necessary. Our 98% graduation rate is a product of refined instruction techniques.

1-Day Course: $750, unlimited trainers.

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