Vehicle Inspections

Driver and vehicle safety contribute to cargo safety which, in turn, increase the potential for on-­time, undamaged loads. Pre­Trip Inspections are the best and most thorough method to determine whether or not a CMV is fit to move down the road.

CDL College has developed several innovative ways to teach the Pre­Trip to our students. In addition to group instruction with a College instructor, on our dock we’ve stripped down an old International and covered it with flat screens containing detailed instruction in Pre­Trip Inspections. Our more ­advanced students use this station to check their knowledge a day before their CDL Skills test.
The College has also developed memorization strategies to assist students with remembering every item in the new Pre­Trip Inspection. As of July 1, 2015, students must inspect the entire vehicle (engine compartment and one axle, side of truck and one axle, and the trailer and connections plus one axle). They must also perform an External Light Check and an In­Cab Inspection and Brake Test. It seems overwhelming until students are shown a logical flow to inspections. That’s what we do at CDL College.

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