Driver Training: Distracted Driving

This online lesson covers with the principles and procedures for driving without distractions. The remainder of the unit is devoted to practice of operating without distractions during on-road driving.

What Will Your Driver Learn in This Unit?

Driver distraction is the diversion of attention from activities critical for safe driving to a competing activity. Driver distraction increases your risk of getting into a crash.

Your Driver Will Learn That:

Distractions can come from both inside and outside of your truck cab. Distractions inside of your cab can include dialing cell phones, texting, using dispatching devices, eating, reading, or adjusting the radio. Distractions outside of your cab can include looking at a passing building, billboard, or person. One way to think about distraction is to ask yourself if something is drawing your attention and taking your eyes away from the road ahead of you. If the answer is "yes," it is probably a distraction.

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Safe Driving: Distracted Driving

Whenever you are driving a vehicle and your atten-tion is not on the road, you are putting yourself, your passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians in danger.

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TIP #2: Do Not Use a Dispatching Device While Driving

Dispatching devices let you and your dispatchers communicate, can help you navigate, and can help keep your logs. These devices are sometimes called mobile or portable data terminals and can help make your job easier. Although a message on the dispatching device might seem urgent, using a dispatching device while driving can be dangerous. This is because the dispatching device can take your eyes, hands, and mind away from driving safely. Since using a dispatching device while driving raises your risk of a crash, many companies have policies in place or lock out features when the truck is moving. Using a dispatching device is "texting for truckers."

TIP #3: Avoid Eating and Drinking When Driving

Sometimes you may feel like driving is the only time you have to eat or drink. But you may not realize that eating while driving can be dangerous. Eating while driving can take your eyes off the road. It always takes at least one of your hands off the wheel. Always try to eat or drink before getting behind the wheel or leave time to pull over and eat.

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