Entry Level Driver Training: External Communications

The driver and his/her vehicle are the image of the trucking industry to the public. Show courtesy to other drivers and regulatory officers by helping them when they need assistance. This online course teaches your driver about Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) the FMCSA initiative to improve large truck and bus safety. We'll also teach the specifics of the roadside vehicle inspection process, and what your driver can expect during this activity. Finally, we'll teach the implications of violating Federal and state regulations on your driving records and their employing motor carrier's records.

What Will a Driver Learn in This Unit?

Your driver will learn:

What Will Happen in This Unit?

This unit consists of two classroom lessons. As part of the second lesson, your school may elect to invite a guest lecturer from a local trucking company to discuss job opportunities and answer questions.

Student Aids

To help you learn the material in this unit, the following items have been included in your student material.


Other drivers cannot know what you are going to do until you tell them. Signaling what you intend to do is important for safety.

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English Speaking Rules

You must be able to read and speak english to drive a truck in the United States. You don't need to speak perfect english.

Read more about the English speaking rules for truck driver (opens new window).

Identifying Good and Bad Truck Driver Images

The driver and his/her vehicle are the image of the trucking industry to the public.

Avoid a Bad Image!

Bad Image

Maintaining a Good Image While Driving

Do This:

Obey all Federal/State laws

Create an image of law abiding professionals

Don't Do This:

Disobey laws


Clean, neat image and in good physical, mental shape

Your Vehicle:

Clean, well-maintained and safe

Share the Road:

Watch for bad habits in sharing the road with public. Your bad driving can result in public resentment. Watch out for areas of conflict with the public.

Maintaining a Good Image in Contact with Public

While Driving:

Don't retaliate

Always act like a professional

Don't use foul language on the CB Radio

On Duty:

Be courteous

Maintain good appearance

Avoid arguments

Be a good company representative

Off Duty:

Avoid loud, rowdy behavior

Rendering Assistance

Help when possible

Learn first aid

Help stranded motorist

Use CB to help others

Maintaining Good Customer Relations

Follow company procedures

Don't argue or lose your temper

Be courteous

Be polite, honest, and helpful

Always thank the customer

Don't be careless in appearance and actions.

Give that extra care.


Driver has more contact with customers than any other person in the company.

Maintain a Good Image

Good Image


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