Driver Training: Hazard Perception

You need to be able to recognize other drivers who are engaged in any form of driving distraction. Not recognizing other distracted drivers can prevent you from perceiving or reacting correctly in time to prevent a crash.

What Will Your Driver Learn in This Unit?

Your driver will learn to identify conditions and other road users that might or will cause a problem for you.

Your driver will learn to:

Recognize things that could cause you a problem, such as road conditions; low clearances; and other road users who are not looking at you, cannot see your truck, not paying attention, unable to control their vehicle, or could suddenly change their position in traffic.

Take quick defensive or evasive action to avoid problems caused by other road users.

You Will Learn:

What Will Happen in This Unit?

There will be a brief online session to present basic information on hazard perception and clues for recognition of hazards. Commentary driving will be explained to prepare you for onstreet practice. The remainder of the unit will be devoted to onstreet driving during which you will practice recognizing and dealing with hazards.

Application of Hazard Recognition:

This lesson is included to give you an opportunity to apply the principles of hazard recognition taught online to onstreet operation. You will be driving on all types of roads and in a variety of traffic conditions. Students will take turns driving and observing. While you are observers, you will keep track of the driver's performance using the observer checklist included to download and print.

Hazard Perception

What is a hazard? A hazard is any road condition or other road user, including pedestrians and animals, that presents a potential danger to safe operation. So, a hazard is a potential problem and an emergency is an actual danger. Recognition of a hazard before it becomes an emergency allows you to respond early.

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