Driver Training: Maintenance and Servicing

What Will Your Driver Learn in This Unit?

Your driver will learn how to: Check and service engine fuel, oil, coolant, battery and filters involved.

Your driver will learn:

What Will Happen in This Unit?

This unit consists of one online and three lab lessons.

Outline of Online Lesson

Lesson 1 - Nature and Importance of Preventive Maintenance

I. Overview of Maintenance

  1. Fleet-Performed Maintenance
  2. Driver-Performed Maintenance

II. Types of Maintenance

  1. Routine Servicing
  2. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  3. Unscheduled Maintenance

III. The Federal Motor vehicle inspection and Maintenance Requirements

IV. Importance of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Breakdown Costs
  2. Maintenance Costs
  3. Operating Costs
  4. Purpose of Unit

Vehicle Systems: Maintenance

The importance of periodic inspection and repair to prevention of enroute breakdowns, long life of parts, safety and economy of operation.

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Description of Lab Lessons

Lesson 2 - Engine Fluids, Filters, Lights, and Filters

In this lesson the instructor will demonstrate procedures for checking and/ changing the fuel tanks, fuel level, fuel filters, oil level and filter, coolant level and filter, battery fluid level, power steering fluid level and air filter. He will also demonstrate procedures for inspecting and changing lights and fuses and for resetting circuit breakers.

Lesson 3 - Changing Tires and Checking Tire Air Pressure

In this lesson the instructor will demonstrate procedures for checking tire inflation pressure and for removing a tire and wheel assembly and replacing it with a spare.

Lesson 4 - Air Reservoir drainage and Brake Adjustment

In this lesson the instructor will demonstrate procedures for draining moisture from air reservoir tanks and for adjusting both drum and disc brakes.

Student Aids

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