Driver Training: Night Operation

What You Will learn in This Unit

Your driver will learn to

Your driver will learn

What Will Happen in This Unit

The unit begins with a brief online lesson covering preparation and procedures for night driving. During exercises on the range, you will have an opportunity to practice preparation for night driving and to perform basic maneuvers in darkness prior to onroad night driving. During onstreet night operation, you will drive in a variety of nighttime conditions.

Night Operation

You are at greater risk when you drive at night. Drivers cannot see hazards as quickly as in daylight, so they have less time to respond.

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Night Operation: Basic Maneuvers

This lesson is intended to give you practice inspecting (coupling, and uncoupling) and driving a tractor-trailer in the dark. In the first exercise, you will practice coupling, inspecting and uncoupling in an un-illuminated area. In the second exercise, you will practice basic driving techniques including staying in a lane, following, crossing and meeting other vehicles, and dealing with glare. This exercise will take place either on the range or on the street in light traffic, In the third exercise, you will practice backing and parking in the dark.

Night Operation: Onstreet

This lesson is provided to give you the opportunity to practice basic driving procedures (shifting, braking, etc.) under a variety of nighttime conditions. In the first exercise you will be driving on suburban or rural highways with light traffic, wide lanes, uncontrolled intersections and road edges that are easy to see. In the second exercise you will be driving on two-lane rural rounds with narrower lanes, little or no street lighting and road edges that are harder to see. In the third exercise you will be driving in city traffic with parked cars on the side of the road, and a high level of background lighting from street lights, neon signs, oncoming cars, etc.

Students will take turns driving and observing. While you are an observer, you will keep track of the driver's performance using the Observer Checklist available to download or print.

Student Aids

To help you learn the material in this unit, the following items are available to download and print.

Night Operations Checklist--for use in street lesson

Download the Student Road Observation Checklist

This lesson consists of text and video. Read the text and watch the lessons below. Feel free to take a break and comeback. Your overview page will update after you complete all of the lessons.

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