Driver Training: Skid Control and Recovery

The unit begins with an online lesson, during which information will be presented on the causes and major types of skids, along with procedures for recovering from skids.

What Will Your Driver Learn in This Unit?

How skid control prevents accidents.

The importance of checking mirrors often so you can spot a jackknife skid immediately.

What happens in a tractor or trailer jackknife and how they happen.

Skid Recovery

The purpose of this lesson is to discuss conditions that produce skidding, demonstrate and describe the major types of skids, and present procedures for recovering from skids.

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You Will Learn To:

Keep control of your vehicle when you are driving on a slippery surface.

Stop your vehicle in the shortest possible distance on a slippery surface while controlling your direction.

Recover from a tractor or trailer skid or jackknife caused by snow, ice, water, oil or sand.

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