Driver Training: Trip Planning

This lesson will enable you to plan safe and efficient routings from point to point, secure necessary trip permits from states, and prepare necessary papers and records.

This lesson covers how to estimate travel time, fuel needed, money and personal requirements for an extended trip, and size and weight regulations.

The purpose of this lesson is to enable students to plan the most effective and efficient routing between pickup and delivery points, or start and destination with minimum safety risks and compliance with Federal, State and local commercial vehicle requirements. The consequences of inefficiency and the additional safety risks in failing to adequately plan routes and routing are stressed.

Basic principles of trip planning as they relate to the driver, vehicle and cargo, and environment are first discussed. A detailed discussion of government regulations affecting trip planning follows.

The second half of the lesson concerns itself with practical aspects of trip planning, e.g., trip records, map reading. The lesson ends with the assignment of a trip planning exercises which you are to complete and report on in Lesson 2.

What Will Your Driver Learn in This Unit?

Your driver will learn to:

Plan a route that is the best after you consider travel time, fuel costs, possible hazards, and Federal, State, and local restrictions on where a truck may be driven.

Obtain any special permits you might need because of the type of vehicle you are driving, the kind of cargo you are hauling, or the road you will be driving on.

Choose a safe place for stops and layovers, particularly if you are transporting hazardous materials.

Your driver will learn:

The kinds of vehicles, cargo, and routes that call for special permits.

Procedures for route planning.

Laws and restrictions on vehicle size and weight.

Estimate travel time and plan rest stops and layovers.

Estimate fuel consumption and plan fuel stops.

Estimate expense money you will need and obtain money or credit cards for use on your trip.

All learning in this unit will take place online.

Student Aids

To help you learn the material in this unit, the following items have been included in your student material.

Opens New WindowOpens New Window Five Basic Steps in Planning a Trip

Opens New WindowOpens New Window Instruction for Trip Planning Exercise

Opens New WindowOpens New Window Trip Planning Exercise Report Form--for use in completing the Trip Planning Exercise

This lesson consists of text and video. Read the text and watch the lessons below. Feel free to take a break and comeback. Your overview page will update after you complete all of the lessons.

Trip Planning

This lesson will enable you to plan safe and efficient routings from point to point, secure necessary trip permits from states, and prepare necessary papers and records.

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