Students practice the Pre-Trip Inspection before testing.
Shift change. Students are trained in 2-hour blocks at CDL College.
Students gather for shift change.
We have the coolest students!
CDL College students practice the In-Cab Inspection.
Instructor Alma Luna gathers students for Road Training.

Pre-Trip Class

Instructor Robert Row reviews the Engine Compartment inspection.
Instructor Mark Nahkunst demonstrates the Side and Back of Truck inspection.
Instructor Bobby Mattingley explains the Drop and Hook procedure to students.
Instructor teaches the fundamentals of the Pre-Trip inspection.
Students listen as Alma explains the Coupling system.
Instructor Belay Nega quizzes a student on the Engine Compartment inspection.
Robert Row performs the Side and Back of Truck inspection for new students.
Mark explains the Axle inspection to new CDL College students.
Students self-test a day before their CDL Skills Test.
Alma point to damaged air lines and explains the safety ramifications.
Alma Luna reviews the Engine Compartment inspection with students.
Rob Row reviews the Coupling inspection with new students.

Backing Maneuvers

CDL College students practice Backing Maneuvers.
Bobby Mattingley walks a new student through the Straight Back.
Rob Row explains the Straight Back to student Maria.
Instructor Atom Guinn explains backing techniques up close and personal.
A student practices the Modified Straight Back maneuver at CDL College.

Driver Training on the Road

Tech-Savvy Frankenstein: Interactive Pre-Trip Test Station


Class B Bus testing at CDL College.
Class A Combination Vehicle testing at CDL College.
Class A Combination Vehicle CDL Skills Test.
CDL Skills Test: Straight Backing at CDL College.