Free CDL Permit Classes -Driving Test Course

CDL Skills Test Training

This online course covers the 3-part CDL Skills Test. You must pass these tests to obtain your Commercial Driver License (a requirement in all fifty states) This course is for drivers who already have a CDL permit.

This course covers the all three sections of the CDL Skills Test:

  • Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Basic Control(backing maneuvers)
  • Road Test

Lesson 01: Pre-Trip Inspection Test

Instructor Robert Row demonstrates a full Pre-Trip inspection on a class B vehicle. Do not be alarmed if you are testing for a Class A CDL. People seem to understand the pre-trip inspection after watching this lesson. The only additional material Class A drivers need to study is the coupling and uncoupling section. We cover that below. In this lesson, Robert covers the front approach, the side approach, the external light check, and the in-cab inspection with brake test.

Lesson 02: Straight Line Backing

Straight Line backing is the foundation for all backing maneuvers, it's the first thing you'll do on the state backing test. Make sure you can straight back with NO errors. Your straight line will set the tone for the rest of the backing test.

Lesson 03: Off-Set Backing

You will be asked to maneuver your truck into a space that is to the right/left of your vehicle. You are to drive forward then back into that space with-out striking the side or rear boundaries marked by cones. You are to place your vehicle completely into the space.

Lesson 04: Parallel Parking

Steer HARD RIGHT to force your trailer to the left and begin backing. STOP when the left front corner of trailer is above the left truck frame rail (use the rear window in a daycab. In a sleeper, look for 3/4 of the landing gear in your convex mirror. STOP.

Lesson 04: Coupling and Uncoupling

You'll learn the proper procedures coupling and uncoupling a sem-truck and trailer. We'll cover the proper inspection procedures that you'll be asked to perform on your CDL Driving Test.

Download these CDL Study Guides

Download the Parallel Parking Handout

Download the Straight Line Backing Handout

Download the Alley Dock Backing Handout

Download the Offset Backing Handout

Download the abbreviated version of the Free Class B Pre-Trip Inspection study guide.

Class A CDL Study Guide

Learn the dimensions and cone placement of a CDL Practice/Test Pad

State of Colorado CDL Manual: Basic Control Skills Pages