Driving Skills Test Course

CDL Skills Test Course - FREE! Unlimited Access! Applies to Every US State's CDL Requirements

CDL Testing

Our online course covers the 3-part CDL Skills Test required to earn your Commercial Driver License (CDL). This course is for drivers who already have a CDL permit.

This course includes:
  • Full Pre-Trip Inspection: Engine Compartment + 1 Axle; Side and Rear of Truck + 1 Axle; Connections and Trailer + 1 Axle; an External Light Check; and an In-Cab inspection with
    Brake Check
  • Backing Maneuvers: Straight Back; Offset Backing (2); Parallel Parking (2); and Alley Dock
  • Road Test: driving skills
  • Includes Tractor-Trailer and Passenger Bus