The CDL College Story

(This Didn't Happen Overnight)
My name is Eric Haney and I own CDL College in Commerce City, CO. My family has worked in the trucking Industry for 85 years. My grandfather started during Prohibition and my father owned an LTL trucking company (if you’re from Denver, you may remember Colorado Denver Delivery).

I’ve driven, dispatched, and worked on docks. I like hanging out and working with drivers. But, I really enjoy helping drivers, newbies and experienced. My desire to help comes from being in the industry for a long time and wanting to improve it.

In 2001, I branched out and created CDL College. I’m very proud of the school. We train students from all over the world and have assisted many men and women with the training they need to be successful in the transportation industry. The college trains new drivers and makes experienced drivers safer.

CDL College isn’t like most trucking schools in the U.S. We are 100% unaffiliated, which means we do not recruit for any trucking companies. When trucking companies approach us and ask for time to make their recruiting presentations, we promptly inform them that our student’s time is too valuable to be occupied by sales pitches.
We also allow our students to make their own training schedules. We don’t tell them when to come to school, they tell us when they can come to school. This is possible due to the sophisticated electronic scheduling system that we developed for the school.

Our students find jobs after graduation through a job website that we created in 2012 called Gary’s Job Board. GJB allows new and experienced drivers to create a FREE account (which takes 2 minutes), and then search the jobs on the site. Carriers with open jobs can also search our drivers and invite them to apply for their driving jobs. The invitation arrives in the drivers email. The driver reviews the job and decides whether or not to apply. This way, the driver is in control.