Why CDL College?

CDL COLLEGE: A Different Breed

There are A LOT of trucking schools across America and most of them operate the same way: students are required to begin training at 6 a.m. on a Monday, and they’re asked to stay until a specified time. Nice prison. CDL College takes a different approach, one that accommodates your lifestyle and schedule. Read on.


We’re unlike other schools. When we ask, “when can you begin training?”, we mean it. Tuesday? Saturday after cartoons? Open Enrollment means students begin training when their schedule allows. If you can’t quit your day job, don’t. How often you train is up to you. We don’t tell our students when to come to school, they tell us when they can come to school. Flexibility. Check this: we had a student who began training, went to jail and pounded rocks for a year, then returned to finish training. Our classes start every day. Pick your training hours, we’ll accommodate you. Read how CDL College came to be.

98% GRADUATION RATE: Not Perfect

98%? Yep. Our training techniques are advanced: computers everywhere; a phone app that tracks student time; a semi tractor covered in flat screen TVs with narrated lessons; and the computers...did we mention those? We use high-tech solutions to train our students. We also hire the best instructors in the trucking industry.

$250 PER LESSON: Cheap Future

You can start training with one lesson.
2 Hour Lesson

PACKAGE DEALS: To Make It More Affordable

  • CLASS A CDL Course
    Lessons: 15
  • CLASS B CDL Course
    Lessons: 6
  • CDL Courses and Fees page for full descriptions.


$50 (1 Hour)

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GARY'S JOB BOARD: Jobs Aplenty

CDL College is 100% unaffiliated. We DO NOT recruit for any trucking companies. We do, however, run an online job board to assist our students with finding gainful employment. It’s called Gary’s Job Board. Experienced drivers can also visit the site should they find themselves in need of a better driving job. Just create your FREE account, it takes 2 minutes. Search the jobs on the website, or wait for carriers to invite you to apply to their jobs based on your qualifications. Check out garysjobboard.com.

DRIVER'S TEST HOTBED: Unmatched Popularity

After your top-notch CDL College training is complete, we’ll test you for your license. We are the largest 3rd party tester in Colorado. No other entity in the state tests more vehicles than CDL College. That’s just gutsy.
• CDL Test $225
• Vehicle Rental for CDL Test $150
• CDL Retest, if Needed $150
CDL Testing page for full description.


You'll need to pass the written tests at your local DMV to obtain your CDL Permit
•Complete Courses
• Free! No Charge to You
Written CDL Testing page for full description.


“The college is awesome. The instructors work with you to get the job done. It’s a low-stress environment. The flexible scheduling helped me a lot.”
–Tye M.

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CDL College does not recruit for any trucking companies. Never has, never will.

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