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We are now offering Online ELDT CDL Courses on our new site.
We still have FREE CDL Training(Permit) courses but now they come with free course tracking.


There are 4 Steps to your CDL:

1. Pass a DOT Physical.

2. Study for your CDL Permit.

3. Attend a CDL School of your choice.

4. Pass your CDL Skills Test.

CDL Training: Online Permit (FREE)

Ready for your CDL Permit? Let's do this. Choose a course below-FREE!
(or you can bore yourself into a coma and read the CDL manual).

Class A CDL Training

This group of lessons will help you obtain a Class A CDL Permit.


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Class B CDL Training

This group of lessons will help you obtain a Class B CDL Permit.


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Class B CDL-Bus Training

This group of lessons will help you obtain a Class B CDL Permit with a Passenger Endorsement.


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CDL Endorsements Lessons

Study here to add a CDL Endorsement

Combination Vehicle Endorsement

Combination Vehicle illustration

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Required to operate combination vehicles (included in the Class A Complete Training).

Air Brakes Endorsement

Combination Vehicle illustration

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Air Brakes Endorsement required to operate vehicles with air brakes

Passenger Endorsement


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Passenger Vehicle Endorsement - required to haul 16 or more passengers
(included in the Class B Passenger Complete Training)

Tanker Vehicle Endorsement


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Tanker Vehicle Endorsement - required to operate Tanker vehicles.

Doubles/Triples Vehicle Endorsement


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Doubles and Triples Endorsement - required to operate Doubles and Triples vehicles.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement


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Hazardous Materials Endorsement - required for commercial drivers who want to transport hazardous materials.

School Bus Endorsement


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School Bus Endorsement - required to operate School Bus vehicles.

Test Your Knowledge

Combination Vehicle illustration

Take The Quiz

General Practice Quiz. 100 questions to test your Commercial Driver License knowledge.

CDL College is proud to offer these online CDL Permit courses to you. The price: $0.00. This web application will work on all Windows, Linux, OS X, ios, and Android devices.