Class B CDL Permit Training

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Ready for your Class B CDL Permit? Let's do this. The lessons are listed in order. Study each lesson and then take the written test at a Motor Vehicle office. Good Luck!

What type of vehicle requires a Class B CDL? Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 pounds or more. A driver with a CDL B may NOT tow another vehicle that has a GVWR more than 10,001 pounds. Come and visit us for information.

Lesson 1: CDL Introduction

Lesson 2: General Knowledge Part 1

Lesson 3: CDL General Knowledge Part 2

Lesson 4: Vehicle Inspections

Lesson 5: Basic Control of Your Vehicle

Lesson 6: Railroad Crossings

Lesson 7: Transporting Cargo

CDL Course: Endorsements

Lesson 8: Air Brakes Endorsement