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There are 4 Steps required to obtain your Commercial Driver License (CDL):
  1. Pass a DOT Physical. Your doctor, many clinics, and most truck stops conduct physicals. Shop around. Typical cost in Colorado is $60-70.
  2. Study for your CDL Permit. Use the courses below, they're FREE! Or you can bore yourself into a coma by reading the CDL manual. After studying, pass the CDL Permit Written Test at the nearest DMV location. (Note: do not allow the DMV to punch a hole in your Driver License when you get your Permit).The permit cost is $16.80 in Colorado.
  3. Attend CDL College (or a reputable Driver Training School in your area) for training. Choose your course (Class A? Class B? Bus?) and we'll train you for your Commercial Driver License. You will learn a full Pre-Trip Inspection, 6 Backing Maneuvers, and how to shift a 10-speed manual transmission.
  4. Pass your CDL Skills Test. Your Certificate of Training is all you need to obtain your CDL at the DMV. In Colorado, the fee for the license is $15.50.

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